Rokoko Smartsuit Pro II
  • Rokoko Smartsuit Pro II

Rokoko Smartsuit Pro II

Rokoko Smartsuit Pro II is the best mocap suit on the market.
Combine with Smartgloves and Face Capture to capture full body movement.


Designed for indie developers. Smartsuit Pro II records body movement and transmits data via Wi-Fi in real time to digital characters.
Force range - G 16g
Accelerometers allowing for fast and smooth movements
Advances in inertial technology provide a significant reduction in drift
Simple integration with optional Smartgloves
19 "9 degrees of freedom" IMU motion sensors connected to the hub, 3D orientation accuracy: ± 1 degree
200 fps - High sensor frame rate, for real-time streaming without lag or lag
The electronic parts can be removed from the Smartsuit so that the textiles can be washed
100m wireless tracking range - No cameras or dedicated tracking locations needed: mocap anywhere (even outdoors) with Wi-Fi connectivity
Multilevel locomotion (snap spacing) for tracking movements on stairs, ladders and similar level field changes

Pro II
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