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VRgluv Enterprise

VRgluv ENTERPRISE gloves
- provide interaction with the environment, objects and people just like in real life,
- give you full control of your hands in VR thanks to the patented Force Feedback technology.
- VRgluv generates up to 10 pounds of active force feedback on each finger to simulate the size, shape, stiffness and impact of any virtual object,
- Hand and finger tracking technology provides the most accurate and reliable motion capture.
- Patented tracking system is not subject to drift or occlusion and is easily calibrated to the user's hand
- Low latency Bluetooth wireless connectivity sends and receives both hand tracking and touch data.
VRgluv is compatible with many other VR headsets, mn. VIVE, Oculus, Valve Index.


VRgluv ENTERPRISE gloves

SDK VRgluv
Easily develop your own touch interactions in VR. With plug-ins for Unreal Engine 4, Unity, and Steam VR, you can create infinite, tactile experiences for any application.

Physics-based interactions
The VRgluv SDKs use the PhysX engine to enable you to rapidly prototype interactions or create touch surfaces anywhere in your environment.

Collaborative Interaction Library
Use scripts created by the VRGluw team to quickly apply common interactions to your 3D objects or choose from our library of pre-scripted objects.

Custom scripts
Use the full potential of the VRgluv hardware and build your own haptic interactions from scratch (C# or C++) and push the boundaries of haptics yourself.

-Individual angles of finger joints
-Side/flap finger tracking
- Force sensors on each finger

-Active force feedback

Contents of the package:
1x pair of VRgluv Enterprise
1x VRgluv SDK License
4x Batteries
1x Dual Battery Charger
1x Rugged Carrying Case

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