Tilt Five XE Kit
  • Tilt Five XE Kit
  • Tilt Five XE Kit

Tilt Five XE Kit

A revolutionary holographic device for board games. Just spread the board on the table, connect the glasses to your computer or mobile device and start playing. Connect with friends and family to enjoy the game together.


SDK included
Our SDK is designed to be easy to adopt and has a minimum size. We support integrations on host platforms via native APIs and provide ready-made plugins for Unity 5.5+ and Unreal Engine 4.

Technical parameters:
Tilt Five XE Kit in a box
You'll get everything you need to start off the table in the holographic play area, plus a larger board with bases that allow you to configure the board in multiple ways. You also get a deluxe box with a carrying handle.
- access to the SDK so you can create your own games,
- glasses,
- wand,
- XE game board,
- a set of different noses,
- 6-meter USB cable,
- introductory game pack.

- no own power source, must be connected to an external unit.
- on Windows and Android,
- glasses can display an image in 720p resolution, 110 degree field of view, 60Hz refresh rate.
- built-in audio system, microphone, 8MP camera,
- stereo speakers supporting 3D sound
- weight 85 grams,
- SDK - native APIs
- ready plugins for Unity 5.5+ and Unreal Engine 4

Tilt Five
XE Kit
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